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warning: high voltage! - ramblings:

Sep. 23rd, 2003

02:59 am - warning: high voltage!

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take off across the sky that refuses to focus as we stroll sharing a cigarette you don't realize it's my favorite lyric it's just in and out suck and blow while the white specks blend to sunset colored fireflies diving into snow-capped mountains that crash to an over-flowing bubble bath catching my unsuspecting toes

so i giggle and jump and smile and stare playing eye tag like discovering magnets when it turns just right how it won't let go until you rip and pull keeping turned just so they push away always away the only way

it's own sort of force not as close undeniably felt and i feel the electric sparkle of each air particle every electron of energy that crashes us connects in two from however far away

{even if no one else can tell the difference i swear i can sit still and simply feel)