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the things we sleep through. - ramblings:

Oct. 5th, 2003

08:47 am - the things we sleep through.

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saying goodnight right before going to work
and the opposite as i head to bed
but i'm not complaining
i've never seen so many mornings

at night,
the sky, black or smoky
glitter winking down, murmuring
"you can make me whatever you want..
just stare through.."

and i do

but today i felt like i rode through a painting
or several hundred, minutely different
colors (rarely seen)
weaving through where i swear i saw the sun coming up
not even realizing it wasn't possible
until it hit my eyes from the right
blinding me and forcing the thought..
"west coast, stacey, west coast"

it rose and rose
until the sky was blue.
(who am i kidding.. just blue)
and it was time for bed.

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