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Distracted Gaze - ramblings:

Oct. 3rd, 2003

06:12 am - Distracted Gaze

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I measured your height on a wall
To see how far to look in your eyes
Biting my lip and smiling shyly
Chin tilted, neck vulnerable
A soft sigh and batted eyes
Confusing the mist (the only other around)
As it returned my affection
Warmly as it could
And I stood pretending it somehow collects
To be at least a holograph of you
Enough to speak the words that repeat and cause
A smitten smile to consume my lips
Do you know how bitter that line usually is?
Most receive a bemused attempt to appear content
And now I'm 15 minutes gone in the middle of everything
Every tedious task half-acknowledged
Completed with that same
Distracted gaze

Current Mood: flirtyflirty